Impressive revolution in Feminine hygiene-Sanitary napkin vending machine and destroyer

AKARSH TECHNOLOGIES manufacturing by products for personally hygiene for women's. It is Includes a Sanitary Napkin Destroyer another name is (INCINERATOR) combines product excellence with competitive price, sales and service. We believe in bringing UNIQUE&ADVANCE technologies by creating them right at our generation our uniqueness is to develop wide range of products that address every single requirement in most cost effective way.
The designing and manufacturing is done by under one ROOF


My team develop an effective and co-ordinate management team that is committed to achieving our objectives and capable of sustaining the growth of the company into a major force in the industry.

Our team consists of members:

In house Fabrication

Administrative staff

Research & Department

Sales & Marketing team

Design engineering

Quality control

To all the working tasks and infrastructure has been divide into different to type of units:

Manufacturing plant
Powder coating units
Testing lab
Stocks go down
All over the world, the disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very general problem. Particularly in India the used napkins are thrown out bathroom, dustbins, and open landfills as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells and the used napkins are flushed into the Drain. Both the above methods of disposing Sanitary Napkins generate problems. The Flushing in results clogging in Drain. The Drainage or Plumbing Line Blocking Problems occurs and throwing in Dustbins results Health related Problems due to spread harmful HAZARDS.
Observing in mind we are intense to fabricate the machinery that is used to preserve the environment. Our Sanitary Napkin Incinerators are used to rectify this problem occurrence. Our napkin destroyers are very useful to destroy soiled napkin waste in a very systematic and sanitized way.
It is the best resolution for sanitary napkin disposing needs here the used napkins is totally converted into a sterile ash. It helps to destroy used napkins in a scientific and hygienic way so, it is very suitable for all ladies toilets to get a pollution free hygienic environment.

In overall India women's are used Sanitary Napkins disposal in restrooms leads to blockage of plumbing pipe areas and huge cost effective in regular building maintenance and environmental should damages..
In overall India nearly 60% to 70 % of the women suffer from menstrual time diseases due to the lack of menstrual hygiene products
The Proper way of disposal for used sanitary napkin waste using incinerator keeps our environment to be safe.
After production is completed, we schedule Quality Control testing. Because Quality Control review the design prior to production, the focus is insuring each control panel was final assembled as per the design drawings. All physical aspects of the panel are examined. The placement of all physical devices are compared to the design drawings and inspected to authenticate that mounted all physical devices as per the manufacturer's recommendations. The Device ID, Terminal Block, Panel ID and Operator Device labels are checked out to assure that mounted and familiarized them properly. When UL508A third party safety certification is requested, we applied a serialized UL508A label and log the serial number in the UL log file against the Job No.
 Industrial sector (Packing machines, paper cutting machines, conveyor machines, bricks making machines, coir making machines, food equipment's)
 Textile machines, garments.
 Special purpose machines

Manufacturing process:

1. Initially we undertake customers needed projects.
2. And our team to makes an electrical drawing for about the projects.
3. Outer Cabin (To make updated laser & welding technologies.
4. Ended process with 7 time powder coating process.


We offer machines not only in Coimbatore but also to all over Tamilnadu and other states like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh &Pondicherry.


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