Manufacturing process:

1. Initially we undertake customers needed projects.
2. And our team to makes an electrical drawing for about the projects.
3. Outer Cabin (To make updated laser & welding technologies.
4. Ended process with 7 time powder coating process.

Quality Control

After production is complete, we schedule Quality Control testing. Because Quality Control reviewed the design prior to production, the focus is insuring each control panel was final assembled per the design drawings. All physical aspects of the panel are inspected. The placement of all physical devices are compared to the design drawings and inspected to verify they are mounted per the manufacturer's recommendations. The Device ID, Terminal Block, Panel ID and Operator Device labels are inspected to insure they're mounted and oriented properly. When UL508A third party safety certification is requested, we apply a serialized UL508A label and log the serial number in the UL log file against the Job No.

Where to be used:

• Industrial sector (Packing machines, paper cutting machines, conveyor machines, bricks making machines, coir making machines, food equipment's)
• Textile machines, garments.
• Special purpose machines.

Types of Panel

• Auto/Manual Synchronizing
• APFC Panels
• VFD Control Panel(AC&DC drive)
• Control and Relay Panel
• Capacitor Panel

• Feeder Panel
• Meter Board
• Main Distribution Board (MDB)
• Conveyor panel.
• PVC pipe manufacturing control panel.

Design &Working Features

• Design tested at CPRI for short circuit & temperature rise as per IS standards
• CNC Fabricated fully bolted standardized designs(CNC laser technologies)
• Computer Aided Design(CAD, Solid works)systems
• Anti-corrosion treatment
• Automatic spray conversed Pre Treatment plant with 7 Tank Process
• All live parts are CR sheet with polycarbonate sheets