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Sanitary napkin destroyer

Now a current situation NAPKIN disposal is very important and more (HEAD) ache to our country. our country Facing more problems of waste disposal especially (NAPKINS) we are research and launching presently sanitary napkin destroyer means (INCINERATOR) where is used sanitary napkins in woman's menstrual periods is very mentally stress to destroying napkins is Unique and hygiene way.
AKARSH TECHNOLOGIES products offer the sanitary napkin destroyer in an automatically operate method Mfrs to standards with highlight of reliability proven through performance in hygienic and ECO Friendly disposal of used napkin.
This product is fully automated and converts napkin into sterile ash.
Smoke which emitted due to burning of napkins they are less polluted because of permissible limits of pollution control board.
Sterile ash collected by burning of napkins can be used as manure.

Sanitary napkin vending as always we make the difference...

We select only the highest quality components and materials to use in the manufacturing process of our Products. Through a process of rationalization and innovation our Products have evolved into a high quality product backed by the industry's longest warranty.

Why use Napkin Incinerator

In overall India women's are used Sanitary Napkins disposal in restrooms leads to blockage of plumbing pipe areas and huge cost effective in regular building maintenance and environmental should damages. The Proper way of disposal for used sanitary napkin waste using incinerator keeps our environment to be safe. This product is fully automated and converts napkin into sterile ash.

Manufacturing process:

1. Initially we undertake customers needed projects.
2. And our team to makes an electrical drawing for about the projects.
3. Outer Cabin (To make updated laser & welding technologies.
4. Ended process with 7 time powder coating process.